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The City of Cerritos actively promotes a positive atmosphere for production companies wishing to film within the City limits. A film permit is required for filming done within the City of Cerritos. We have a simplified permit procedure designed to coordinate all your production needs. Use the following forms to submit your application:

Submit Film Permit Application to:

Department of Community Development
(562) 916-1201 Phone
To submit an application via email, call (562) 916-1201 for assistance.


Please use this information sheet as a checklist to assemble the materials required for your Film Permit. All documents are required for a complete application.

______Film & Photography Permit Application

______Terms & Conditions

______Full writeen description/cover letter of filming activity and storyline

______Site Plan showing the location and layout of production, including the location of all vehicle parking, equipment staging, and filming activities, etc.

______Traffic Control/Parking Plan, if filming outdoors

______Property Owner Authorization and/or executed Location Agreement

______Certificate of General Liability Insurance and an endorsement of a minimum coverage of $1 million (or a total of $5 million for production at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and the Cerritos Olympic Swim & Fitness Center)

  • The City of Cerritos must be listed as the certificate holder and the Description of Operations must include the required City language (see pages 7-8 for samples)

______Approved Los Angeles County Fire Department Film Permit

______Payment of permit fees:

  • Application fee: $250 per day of filming
  • If filming in multiple locations, a $200 fee is charged for each additional location
  • Additional facility rental fees, filming use fees and staff fees are assessed to the filming/photography at City facilities and/or City-owned properties. Fees are based on proposed use, project duration, and required staff resources, and will be provided to the applicant separately.

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